Insights into Swedish Biomedical Research

During 2017, we organized two online based seminars, by researchers who are active in Swedish universities. The speakers shared their research with Iraqi scientists and PhD students from University of Kufa.

In Januari 2017, we hosted Professor Henrik Zetterberg from The Sahlgrenska Academy- University of Gothenburg. Prof. Zetterberg talked about the intersting research to understand alzheimer’s disease in his lab.

In March 2017 , Professor Salam Al-Karadaghi from the department of biochemistry and structural biology- Lund University, had two sessions workshop about structure based drug design.

Professor Al-Karadaghi is an important figure in the field of protein crystallography and his workshops were very interesting since the field of structural drug design is a new field in Iraqi universities and not more efforts for faculty staff training is needed.

Some pictures of webinars attendees

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